“Ancient Future” is a concept expressed through Narayan from Zion’s artworks.  It describes his communication and connection with our ancient past and our yet to manifest ever-expanding and changing future. Combining technology with more organic and primal imagery, Narayan is able to convey a completely unique vision of the seen and unseen worlds.  Images reminiscent of our tribal and indigenous ancestral past are intertwined with a vision of a technologically advanced and harmonious civilization of the future, achieving a most wondrous window into a world of limitless imagination and possibility of our present. In this book you will find a wide variety of images, ranging from eloquently basic to technically advanced artwork and designs. Some you can finish in a single sitting, while others may take you several hours or even days to complete.  For some, you will need sharpened colored pencils or gel pens/fine art markers, and for others crayons, water colors and wide markers would work  Put a piece of scrap paper under the page you are working on to protect the following page from potential bleed-through. Coloring books for adults have become increasingly popular.  That is no surprise as they are a most enjoyable activity, a guaranteed stress-reducer, that result in beautiful and unique works of art.  In the process of coloring these images you will experience an increase in both your imagination and abilities.  If you are already an artist, these images will help you improve and advance your art, and if you have never considered yourself an artist you might find that working with these images are helping you become one.